Why don't other consoles' exclusives excite me?

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Well it's that time again, E3. The time when gamers across the world wait in anticipation for information about games coming and games unheard of before. I'm primarily a Playstation guy that dabbles in PC gaming. I've owned every Playstation console and currently own a Vita. I'm what I consider a borderline Playstation fanboy. I have no general disdain for the XBox brand, I just have little interest in it.


After watching some of and reading about Microsoft's E3 press event this morning I found myself not at all interested in any of their exclusives. The games that caught my attention are already confirmed to be coming to other consoles. The only game that piqued my interest even for just a split second what Scalebound.

As I'm sitting here I'm thinking to myself..."This is good. I guess" and then I'm wondering why I have such a meh attitude about things. Is it because the games actually don't interest me or is it because I'll likely never play them anyway?

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