The Moment When You Realize You Are Going to Really Like a Game

*** This post will definitely contain spoilers for games. Read at your own risk ***

So I'm currently playing Arkham Origins.

Last night I hit a point in Arkham Origins when I realized that I would like this game from this point on. In my usual fashion I have a tendency run around and do side quests at times and ignore the main story of a game. Yesterday was no different but because the fact that side missions are gradually opened up I had no other choice other than to follow the main story. Boy am I glad I did! I hit the point where the big plot reveal comes that the Joker is really behind the assassins and not Black Mask. I was wondering how the Joker would come into play but I was not expecting that. It put a smile on my face and at that point I knew I would like the rest of this game.


What are some of you guys' moments when it hit you that you would be enjoying a particular game?

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