Should culture come into play when understanding a game?

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Often times when I'm awaiting a new game release I find myself scouring the internet for just about any information that I can come across. That was no different earlier this week when Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars was released on the PS Vita. During my internet search I came across a few articles mentioning the sexism in the game; like this on over on Polygon.


It seems that diversity and other "hot button" topics such as sexism are becoming more popular in the gaming press, which I think is good overall. Since I am in the US, I typically read sites that are culturally American. With Conception 2, many people have been defending it and the ideas that it presents. I'm not saying that things are sexist or not but should the source be taken into consideration?

Conception 2 is a JRPG. The J is so obvious once one starts playing. This is a very Japanese game in every way. The animation, the dialog, the story, the systems it uses, and other things are all very Japanese in relation to gaming. The way it handles the relationships between the protagonist and the heroines are also quite Japanese in nature if one follows Japanese culture via anime, gaming, and such. With things being as Japanese as they are should American journalists, and anyone in general, take into consideration the Japanese culture that brought forth this game?

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