It's not your fault you are the default setting

I wanted this to be more well put together but it turns out I'm having brain farts and it turned into somewhat of a ramble that was taking place in my head.

I don't know why but as usual, almost every single discussion on race or minorities (women included) in video games turns into nonsense. I don't know why but if you point out that the majority is the majority it tends to get people's panties in a bunch.


What is the deal with having a problem with minorities being represented more in gaming, both on the creative side and in the actual game?

Think about it, the white male is literally the default when it comes to gaming. Don't believe me go start a new game of Mass Effect and see what the default is set to.


I will admit that addressing race in a video game is tricky. I didn't realize that main character of The Walking Dead game was a black guy until halfway through the first episode. That is a great way of going about things. I also like how Ubisoft wasn't afraid to inject race into Assassin's Creed 3:Liberation.

The truth of things is that many of you have never known what it is like to be a minority. By this I mean you have a small chance of being the only person to look like you unless you voluntarily put yourself in the situation. You don't have to deal with things like "But you don't act black" and other ridiculous statements. Here is an example, I'm a dark skinned black male. Probably what most people would consider black without any question. One of my best friends is a light skinned black, like slightly lighter than Halle Berry, light skinned. His wife is slightly lighter than he is and yet we are all black. Unfortunately, the one drop rule still holds some weight in the US. Throw in some societal issues and black is not as cut and dry as folks want to make it. Throw in biracial people and things just get even more murky. My general rule of thumb is if you saw this person on the street and didn't know who they were what race would you say they are? The answer is almost universally black.

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