I need to finish my RPGs...:(

Like many other people I have a fairly nice sized backlog but the games that constantly pick at me as needing to complete are my RPGs. Just off the top of my head the RPGs I need to complete (since I've started them) are Persona 4 Golden, Ni No Kuni, Dragon Age:Origins, Mass Effect, and Ys: Memories of Celceta. I also need to start Final Fantasy VI (yes this will be my first playthrough ever). I also need to finish my 2nd run of Tales of Xillia to get the platinum trophy for it.

I can't remember how I managed to dedicate the time to run through ToX but whatever it is I need to figure it out.


I just want to go back to the free time I had before the baby and when my wife was working nights 3 days a week. Oh the good times of dedicated gaming for easily 6 hours a few days a week.

Oh and I need to finish the main story of Skyrim since I've done almost every group of side quest lines like the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood.

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