Are the beginning of new console generations always this critical?

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With the current generation of gaming now in a six month stride and more highly anticipated games are being released on a regular basis many people are starting to give the new consoles another look. They look at the hardware itself and whatever changes have come to it with system updates.


Of course the big thing the most will talk about are the games, or should I say the lack of games if you let the internet tell you. The comments usually go something like this: "The hardware is good but where are the games?" Maybe I'm easily pleased but to me there are plenty of games. "Neither system has that must have game." What does that even mean? It's so subjective. As a PS4 owner I'd suggest everyone get iNFAMOUS:Second Son. Currently that is a game that I feel is a reason to get a PS4 as far as console exclusives go. The same things are said about the XBox One, the Wii U, and the Vita. I'll give the last two a little more criticism since they have been around a bit longer than the two new consoles.

One thing that tends to irk me about the gaming community is the appearance that we are never satisfied. Nothing is ever good enough for us. We look for the faults before taking in the good and those faults are given more weight with each passing day. So what gives? Why are we so critical of such a short time period? What was expected in the first six months of a new console release?

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